euromeet Katrineholm 2003
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Alternatives for Your "once in a life time" accommodation are:
  • In the home of a brother at no additional cost, thou there's not room for everyone (early registration have priority)
  • Youth hostel, just add euro 120
  • The famous Swedish Stadshotel, just add euro 240, doubleroom for the weekend

    Note: some images below show white snow that will be gone in may, we promise! ;-)

    The meeting is over but we heard some rumours that You thought these pictures was just some fancy houses from Sweden. They are not. All of the below houses were actually used for home hosting. Really and we hope You liked it! ;-)

    Kent Bååth has restored his house by hand, including a Round Table cellar

    Lars Hultström with family have plenty of space

    Fredrik Palmer have a nice view over his crops

    Gustaf Liljencrantz has lived here since 1970 and still show up for some Table events

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